Stupid Pretty Mixtape by Dominique Young Unique
Teaser for Dominique Young Unique - Stupid Pretty video 

Dominique Young Unique's new mixtape 'Glamorous Touch' is out:

Dominique Young Unique - Glamorous Touch Mixtape

download it here:
New video for Dominique Young Unique's War Talk

Dominique working on new single and mixtape keep em peeled early next year..

New DYU Remixes

Check out these two DYU remixes, These 2 are not related but the robots have it and have knocked up 2 stellar tracks:

RobotHair (from London) remix of 'Hot Girl':

Robot Koch (from Germany) remix of 'Blaster' (More info:

Dominique Young Unique - Blaster (Robot Koch Remix):

Please feel free to post and spread!

If you would like to remix or mash up a track please email us for acapellas from the up coming mixtape ( Here are acapellas for show my ass and blaster for you right now! -->>

'Blaster' parts:

'Show My Ass' parts:

Dominique on new Girl Talk album

Girl Talk put Dominique on his AWESOME new album and it's been blowing up the internet!

Check it on youtube (starts at 2:20 mins) -

Girl Talk album free download -